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A cyclically-informed approach to fitness with monthly workout programming, plus nutrition + recovery strategies, for all hormone + life seasons you travel through as a woman (including when you have a menstrual cycle + when you don't).

Maximize your movement efforts as a woman by learning the optimal timing for your workouts—working hard when you’re primed for it and decreasing intensity when you're notmaking these strategic adjustments based on your female physiology (aka what your hormones are doing). 

It's time to stop striving for the "perfect body"
and start thriving in the one you already have.


  •  A science-backed + nature-inspired, cyclically-informed approach to fitness that utilizes Whitney Mack's signature energetic map for creating sustainable body composition changes, deepening the connection with your amazing body + helping you uncover your soul shape—where your body is the outer reflection of your fullest expression + spirit. quite literally priceless

  • 100+ workouts created for your female body and its macro hormone life seasons—designed to match your physical energy + capitalize on your female advantage (unlike other fitness programs out there that center male physiology). $1000+ value
    • This program supports and has specific + different, monthly workout programming for women in every life stage and age during the macro hormone seasons of: Reproductive Years, Perimenopause and Postmenopause,,and provides additional support for women on hormonal birth control and in more stressful seasons of life.

    • Breath Work, Meditations, Guided Visualizations, Mobility and Somatic Movement videos help you tap into the feminine qualities of flexibility, intuition and flow, while resetting + calming your nervous system to gain mental and emotional clarity + freedom.

    • Mantras + intentions for each workout help you embody your feminine power, range and capacity, while feeling each workout deeper (and increasing the impact - of the workout and its ripple effect into your life).

    • Special programming that attunes to your daily energy + what's happening in your life for a sustainable model that feels great, every time and grows + flows with you (no more having to "muster" up motivation for your movement!).

  • Hormone Life Season Specific Workout Calendars, updated monthly that take the guesswork out of cycling your movement to your hormones, making progress easier + more enjoyable. $75 value 

  • 150+ exercise video tutorials that educate you on muscles used and how to activate more effectively, with full written workout programming in PDF form$250 value

  • Training videos on how to track your cycle, and the how + why of using a cyclically-informed approach to fitness (for all macro hormone seasons): matching the physiologically-appropriate workouts to what your hormones are doing, so that you can increase your energy, strength, radiance & body confidence. $195 value 

  • Nutrition, Refueling + Recovery strategies customized to each macro (RY, Peri + Postmeno) + micro hormone life season (hormonal birth control use + mini stressful phases of life), you can go through as a woman because your progress + how you feel is directly impacted with how well you're resourced. $100+ value 

  • A private Facebook group with access to one-on-one feedback and coaching, with bonus videos. You are connected with like-minded women in community. $100+/month value

  • A monthly, live 60-75 min Zoom workout class per month (and its recording) that works with the current month's Full Moon energy and themes, along with other major seasonal transitions. These workouts have been called "transformational"and "epic." Plus a monthlylive 20-30 min Zoom guided visualization + meditation (and its recording) themed to the New Moon that expands your capacity for personal growth + grace. $125 value

  • ...and more! The program adapts and grows thanks to participant feedback, requests and needs. 


An $1,845 value for just $55/month!

all information shared in this document by Whitney Mack is copyrighted 2020, all rights reserved. sharing of this information without exclusive written consent is prohibited. the recommendations made in this program do not serve as medical advice, please consult your doctor for all recommendations made. in purchasing this program, I assume all responsibility of personal injury (including all terms laid out in this liability waiver) and release Whitney Mack, all instructors + coaches in the Workout Like A Woman program and Macks Mo, LLC of all liability.