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"Understanding how your body works shifts from ‘something is wrong with me’ to feeling validated. Disconnecting from the patriarchal paradigm and reconnecting to the female self.

When you’re connected to the body, you’re able to give more grace, movement, nourishment.
I want you to see the things you’re doing. Progress isn’t losing 10 pounds, but can be making breakfast in the morning.

We’re so hard on ourselves as women. We can validate what is, and why it is. Uplifting the explanation of how hormones work, how society is set-up, and recognizing all the things you do and hold space for. That’s different than the superwoman complex of ‘you can do it all’ while dying on the inside and being depleted fully.

When you start feeling better, you can capitalize on your energies. Things flow easier. Rituals and practices add this ease. That's what my work is all about."
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Hi! I’m Whitney, a certified women's holistic health, hormones + fitness coach. 
I work with women as they take slow steps over time to see themself as a multi-dimensional, powerful woman connected to intuition and body wisdom.

Our work together is rooted in natural cycles, phases and seasons—hormone cycles we move through as a woman, varying micro + macro life seasons, moon phases, and seasons in nature.

How can we as women be grounded in rituals and our bodies, so we can dynamically adjust to life as it moves and changes—while never losing sight of our desires and how we want to feel?

We're in it together. It takes a village."

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